Grilled Fish at home, the easy Greek way

We love grilled fish and it’s on the menu almost weekly in our home. Greek families eat fish all the time. We eat it at home or at the taverna, sushi places or fancy restaurants. We fry it, steam it, bake it and of course grill it. There is nothing more delicious and healthier than grilled fish.  

The closest and easiest way to emulate the way Greek restaurants grill fish at home is to  use your oven broiler. What is a broiler, we hear you ask. The broiler is the closest you can come to a grill with your oven. In fact in Europe, the setting is simply called Grill rather than broiler. For more information on US settings this is a great article from Bon Appetit.

Using your oven grill/broiler, a little bit of salt, a few drops of olive oil and some freshly squeezed lemon juice, your sea bream or sea bass turn into something out of this world.

Of course you can also fire up your BBQ but really, if you want an easy way and super quick way to grill fish often, without much ado, just for the family, this is the way to go. Just prepare your fish. We like to have our fishmonger – local or the one at our local super market prepare it. If you need instruction, check out this page from the Great British chefs. We add salt in and out and give it a brush of olive oil.  They lay the fish in a baking dish. Better yet lay them on a rack. Put under the oven grill, let cook, turn and you are ready to go!!!

Grilled Fish at home, the easy Greek way

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An easy way to cook grilled fish using your home oven


  • 2-3 large fresh sea breams or sea basses, around 300-350 grams per person

  • 1 teaspoon olive oil per fish

  • 2 lemons

  • salt


  • Preheat the oven using the grill setting at around 200-220 C
  • If your fresh fish is not gutted and scaled, prepare it. Use the link mentioned above if you need instruction
  • Add some salt both on the inside and outside of your fish
  • Pour a teaspoomn of olive oil on your fish and either rub it with your hand to make sure the fish is oiled all over or use a brush
  • Lay the fish on a rack (in a baking tin) or baking tin and repeat for the rest of the fish
  • Place high up in the oven, close to the grill coils. Let cook for 10-15 minutes, until bubbles form on the skin and burst and it starts to brown well
  • Turn the fish over and cook the other side
  • Serve immediately with lemon and if you want olive oil

NOTES on your Grilled Fish

You should estimate you need around 300 – 350 gramms of fish per person for a main course serving, bones, head etc included

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