Our Philosophy

tomatoes with garlic cloves near fresh parsley and oil

We decided to share with you our family recipes and our philosophy. Greek food is very healthy and delicious, but we found that in many cases, the recipes in our books -and also in the ones that get translated into English- are a bit old-fashioned, not in a bad way… They simply reflect the needs and habits of bygone eras.

We are a Greek family, cooking for today’s world. With today’s preferences, nutrition goals and tastes. With everyone in our household working, traveling and going to school, most of the food we eat is relatively easy to make.

We use much less olive oil than our mothers and grandmothers. But for the most part we stick to the basics of our Greek family diet.

That is we cook fresh food, using mostly seasonal ingredients and avoiding processed stuff.

Of course, we do not religiously follow these rules. Being spoilt for 21st century choice, we will often use fresh tomatoes for a recipe during the winter. This is just how things are for real people.

We will try to keep our recipes simple and make sure you have easy access to all the ingredients we include here. In our globalised world, if you can’t get something in your part of the world, chances are it will be fairly complicated for us to access too. Or possibly, it will be a  highly unusual or seasonal type of ingredient or dish. Never mind, you’ll probably won’t have to deal with the question on our pages.

There are a few things we always have stocked and we recommend you do too.

Olive oil in large quantities

The best thing to do is go and buy a large tin of extra virgin olive oil, at least 5 lt. We always go for the cheapest as we really do use it everyday and once you buy extra virgin then it’s already very good anyway. You won’t get a great return for any extra money you spend.

We always have some feta cheese in our fridge

For a 5-person household we buy over a kilo a week. It really sets off lots of Greek dishes. It may be too much for you to stock in your fridge but if you plan to cook Greek just keep in mind it will probably taste better with some feta on the side!

Canned tomatoes, or even better grated tomatoes in a can or paper box, are always useful. As are your basic spices: salt, pepper, dried oregano.

Never leave your house without onions or garlic. They last for so long anyway, you are bound to use them.

We hope you will enjoy our Greek family recipes as much as we do. Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions, we’d love to hear from you!

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